Olive oil production process

Welcome to Donika Olive Oil, where we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality olive oil. The olive oil production process is both an art and a science, requiring meticulous care and attention to detail. Our journey begins in the lush olive groves, where we handpick the finest olives at their peak ripeness. This careful selection ensures we use only the best olives in our production process.

The Journey of Excellence: From Grove to Bottle

Firstly, we transport the freshly picked olives to our state-of-the-art facility. To preserve their quality, this step happens quickly and efficiently. Once at the facility, we thoroughly wash the olives to remove any dirt or impurities. Cleanliness is paramount in producing high-quality olive oil.

Next, the olives are crushed into a paste using modern, hygienic equipment. This crucial step releases the oils from the olive flesh. Subsequently, the paste undergoes a malaxation process, where it is slowly churned. This step allows the oil droplets to combine, improving the oil’s aroma and flavor.

After malaxation, we use a centrifuge to separate the olive oil from the water and solid residues. Consequently, this technique ensures maximum extraction without compromising quality. We extract extra virgin olive oil at this stage, celebrated for its superior taste and health benefits.

Furthermore, quality control is a key component of our production process. Every batch of olive oil undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest standards. Our experts analyze the oil for flavor, aroma, and acidity, ensuring each bottle of Donika Olive Oil is of exceptional quality.

Finally, we bottle our olive oil in dark glass containers to protect it from light and preserve its freshness. We carefully label and seal each bottle, ready to deliver it to your kitchen.

At Donika Olive Oil, we commit to excellence in every step of the production process. Therefore, from our groves to your table, we ensure that our olive oil retains its natural goodness and rich flavor. Ultimately, experience the purity and taste of Donika Olive Oil, crafted with care and passion for you to enjoy.

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Location: Lagjja Pavarësia, Rruga Pelivan Leskaj Kulla e parë tek Rrethi Skelë, kati 2, nd. 288 Vlorë, 9402 Albania

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Lagjja Pavarësia, Rruga Pelivan Leskaj Kulla e parë tek Rrethi Skelë, kati 2, nd. 288,
Vlorë, Albania 9402.