Vlorë, Albania

About us

Our Roots in Vlore, Albania

Nestled along the serene coastline of the Adriatic and Ionian Sea, Vlore is renowned for its fertile soil and ideal climate for olive cultivation, with 300+ days of sun per year. It is from this picturesque region, steeped in history, that we proudly produce each and every Donika Olive Oil bottle with love. Our extra virgin olive oil is pressed from the naturally occurring olive trees from the rolling hills of Skrofotina, Cerkovina, and Travllazer. Our commitment to Vlore and its people is unwavering, as we aim to uplift Albanian farmers, celebrate the land’s exceptional gifts, and commit to preserving the pristine nature of our home land.

Donika Olive Oil
Donika Olive Oil

A Name Rooted in Love

Our brand is an homage to the Albanian noblewoman Andronika (Donika) Arianiti – known for her beautiful diplomatic abilities and leadership role in the unification of Albanian principalities. Furthermore, her enduring commitment to the Albanian hero Skanderbeg has made her name a symbol of new beginnings and love across Europe. Their union in 1451 marked the beginning of a beautiful tradition: that at every Albanian wedding, ten new olive trees were to be planted. These are the very trees that grace our groves and city today – a testament to tradition. In a beautiful alignment of heritage the Kalinjot olive variety and Donika both trace their origins to the ancient village of Kanina.

The Kalinjot Variety – Rich in Polyphenols, Rich in Health

At the heart of our olive oil is the revered Kalinjot variety – an ancient and cherished olive strain treasured for its exquisite flavor and high polyphenol content. Polyphenols are naturally occurring antioxidants that give olive oil extraordinary health benefits. Before the birth of modern medicine, this olive oil was savored exclusively for “ilaç”, or medicine – and was always cherished by the maternal figure in the household to share. The Kalinjot olives infuse our oil with a robust, earthy taste and aroma that reflects the very essence of Albanian soil, without compromising its medicinal properties. This is what truly sets Donika Olive Oil apart. Our oil is not only a delight for your taste buds, but also a source of vitality for your body.

Donika Olive Oil
Donika Olive Oil

Premium Quality, Organic Excellence

Donika Olive Oil represents the pinnacle of quality and taste. Our olives are handpicked at the peak of ripeness from the tree’s crown, ensuring that only the finest fruits make it into your bottles. We employ traditional, time-honored methods to extract the oil, allowing us to maintain the integrity of the olives’ natural flavors and health benefits. Achieving organic certification from both the EU and USDA marked a joyful milestone for our production team.

Our commitment to organic farming practices means that our olive trees thrive without the use of synthetic chemicals. Based out of Albania, a country with crystal blue waters and vastly unpolluted and rich soil, this process comes naturally to us. This dedication to sustainability not only results in an exceptional product, but also safeguards the environment for future generations. Donika is the first Albanian product of its time to be treated and pressed at high quality levels, and combines experience, tradition, and technology together. Your oil will not be bottled until we receive your order. This ensures that the fruits come directly from the farm to the consumer.

Empowering Albanian Farmers

Donika Olive Oil is not just a brand; it’s a partnership with the Albanian farmers and producers who have nurtured these olive trees for generations. Since the inception of the concept for Donika, Founder Bianti Danaj has envisioned its potential to enhance Albania’s economic and social standing on the global stage. By sourcing our olives and all third-party services locally, we directly contribute to the livelihoods of these hardworking families, fostering sustainable agriculture and economic growth in our beloved Albania. By becoming the first major company out of Albania selling our product into the United States, we have high hopes that it will open doors and the creative minds of many others. Donika Olive Oil also prides itself in providing wages way above Albania’s typical payscale, and we are working to become a certified Fair-Trade Company, and B-Corporation. Through the backing of our cherished customers, you will reap the literal fruit of their life’s efforts, and they will also enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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Vlorë, Albania 9402.