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Essence of Nature, Taste of Tradition

Welcome to Donika Olive Oil, where the rich history and natural beauty of Vlore, Albania, converge in every bottle of our
Premium and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our story begins in the beautiful city of Vlore, where olive trees have stood strong for centuries, providing the foundation for a product that embodies tradition, quality, and sustainability.

Our Mission is, and will always be, to provide our devoted Donika family members with the freshest oil and an educational background that will allow you to continue to make exceptional choices for your health and taste buds.

In doing this, we are supporting the hard-working Albanians behind the entirety of this operation.

Donika Olive Oil

Our Olive Oil

Premium Organic
Extra Virgin
Olive Oil

[ 2023 Winter Harvest] – Limited Supply (1,000 Orders)

Experience the exceptional quality of Donika Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – a tribute to the Albanian creation of 100% monovarietal Kalinjot olives. Each 500 mL bottle is a treasure trove, containing a bountiful 2.78kg (6.12 lbs) of hand-picked early-harvest olives, funneled and cold-extracted to perfection, from tree to production in 3 hours – a scientific timeline that preserves the pristine quality. The result? A thick, deep green-yellow elixir that contains the magic of hundreds of antioxidants, plus a robust flavor and earthy scent that is both natural and unique.
Donika Olive Oil


Total polyphenols : 810 mg/Kg
Acidity : 0.17 (<0.80)
Peroxides: 5.60 meqO2/Kg (<20)
K232 : 1.697 (<2.5),
K270 : 0.136 (<0.22)

Robust – Peppery – Green – Fresh

Origin: Vlore, Albania
Early-Harvest Date: October/November 2023
Olive Cultivar: Kalinjot
Size: 16.9fl oz/500 mL

It should be noted that the polyphenols present important biological activity and they have been related with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective activity. Donika Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains 4-6x the amount of polyphenols than standard grocery store EVOO’s.

Consuming 20g a day of Donika Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil presents 16.2mg of hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, and their derivatives (categorized as an EVOO that protects blood lipids from oxidative stress, as noted by EU Regulation 432/2012)

Head Grove Agronomist Mendim Bacaj:

In the first trimester of 2023, farmers successfully performed all seasonal services in olive
cultivation, such as pruning, treatments with copper-based preparations, and the distribution of
organic fertilizer.

Blossoming was satisfactory, but the continuous rainfall in the months of April and May left
areas for improvement on the fruit-setting process. Amidst these uncontrollable challenges, a
positive shift became apparent after the spring.

High temperatures up to 42 degrees Celsius in the months of June, July, and August created
significant stress in the normal development of the olive tree [Olea europaea]. The heat was
perfect to create enough of a secondary metabolic response to produce significant amounts of

This situation also prevented the olive fly [Bactrocera oleae] from depositing eggs on the olive
fruits, resulting in a harvest free from infection.

On the dates 09.05.2023 and 09.06.2023, the first rains arrived with a contribution of 20 mm of
rain, which had a positive impact on improving the condition of the olive trees.

During October 2023, on the dates of 10.21.2023 and 10.27.2023, approximately 45 mm of rain
fell, stabilizing the growth trajectory of the olives.

Harvest began in the early morning hours of 10.30.2023
In the month of November 2023, the harvesting month for the [Kalinjot] cultivar, there were continuous rains with a contribution of 95 mm of rain.

In this situation, the production of [Kalinjot] olives is expected to be of very high quality,
dominated by essential elements such as acidity below 0.2%, peroxides below 10, and elevated
high phenols.

Harvest was completed on 11.15.2023, and 3000 bottles will be produced.

For this production year, we will have an aromatic oil, green/gold in color, and free from pesticide residues, which of course, are disallowed in organic farming.

Vlore, 11.15.2023

Extended exposure to heat, air, and light has the potential to diminish the quality of your oil. When placed on your kitchen counter, our distinctive white opaque bottle is designed to safeguard your Donika Olive Oil, preserving its freshness by keeping it in a dark, cool environment. Your Donika Olive Oil will retain its integrity for a duration of 18 months from the date of harvest. It is recommended to use the oil within 2 months of opening to ensure optimal flavor and quality.

Our set of 3 of Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is shipped to you in beautiful dark green glass bottles that safeguard the earthy flavor, and medicinal properties. From the minute you place your order with Donika, your oil is immediately tapped from our underground food-grade and temperature controlled stainless steel containers at our production facility in Vlore, Albania. We personally ensure it never comes in contact with direct sunlight or oxygen. Expect to receive an alluring box containing your bottles that has been handcrafted with love from the Founder himself.

This olive oil is among the best I’ve ever tasted. It is worth every penny I paid for it. My customer experience with Donika was very helpful, thoughtful and personal. I will definitely be purchasing from Donika in the future.
olive oil

Andrew Vogelsang

I recieved this olive oil as a gift and Wow!! The best olive oil I have ever used, it really adds a beautiful flavor to any dish or dressing!
PS..grateful to my friend for introducing me to such a fine olive oil and GREAT idea to give as a gift!

Olive oil antioxidants

Monica Bibeau

Donika Olive oil is a rich tasting, aromatic and all around excellent olive oil . Adds wonderful flavor to salad dressings and roasted vegetables. Highly recommend 👍🏻👍🏻

Health benefits of olive oil

Joanne Ellis

Not only do I use this olive oil for its great medicinal benefits, but it is like no other olive oil I’ve ever tried in terms of quality and taste, and adds great flavor to my cooking.
Olive oil tasting

Nathan Pianalto

Lagjja Pavarësia, Rruga Pelivan Leskaj Kulla e parë tek Rrethi Skelë, kati 2, nd. 288,
Vlorë, Albania 9402.
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